San Juan, Puerto Pico Business Professional - Fidel Alonso Valls

About Fidel Alonso Valls

An accomplished businessman, Fidel Alonso Valls has successfully operated businesses within three distinct industries: education, real estate, and aviation. 

Shortly after graduating from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico with a Juris Doctor, Mr. Valls earned a position as the Assistant Director of MBTI Business Training Institute. He worked for MBTI for two years prior to taking a job at the Instituto de Banco y Comercio, Inc. (IBC), a newly founded technical and vocational school. During its inaugural year in 1974, Fidel Alonso Valls had the opportunity to become the Chairman of the Board of Directors for IBC. 

In 1980, while still working with IBC, Fidel Alonso Valls decided to branch into real estate and founded F.A. & Sons Inc. Following several years of success with this company, he sought ownership of a second real estate company. In 1999, Mr. Valls acquired Tres Amigos Real Estate Holdings. 

Drawing on his experience overseeing the activities of an educational institution, in 2001, Mr. Valls took ownership of MBTI Business Training Institute, the vocational training school at which he first began his career in education administration. In 2004, Fidel Alonso Valls acquired a second higher education establishment, the National College of Business and Technology. The same year, he became owner of the Tropical Aviation Corp. (TA), a boutique handling and fueling company for private aircraft. 

In 2007, Fidel Alonso Valls decided to focus his attention on MBTI Business Training Institute, his two real estate companies, and Tropical Aviation Corp. He remains the successful owner of these four companies, all based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

In recognition of his business accomplishments, Fidel Alonso Valls has been honored with the Industrial Man of the Year title, a listing in the Best of Who’s Who in Puerto Rico, a Top Manager award, and multiple Businessman of the Year awards.


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